Hi there, I’m Nicolene Elhadad and I’m a self-made millionaire!

I am the proud owner of several 6 and 7 figure businesses and today I help ambitious, driven entrepreneurs like yourself, build empires.

In Oct 2016 I started a new business and opened 3 branches in 2 months. Today , I have grown this empire to 23 stores, while still owning and managing 8 locations myself.

My Multiply to Millions system has helped me scale, expand and make money in every business we continue to start and grow.

If I can start a business from my garage and scale into building several empires that helps me generate millions each month, then I know my system can help you do the same.

Magazine Founding Editor

Stories are what allows our audiences to connect with us and inside my magazine, I brag proudly about inspirational women from all over the world that have changed their lives by going after their dreams. 

We started our first business from our garage, my husband and I have always been a power couple both in business and in our private lives. We love working together and even when we had to play all our cards on the table, spend our last pennies to take a risk and grow our first business, we jumped all in. 

We believe in taking some risks, so we joined an Expo to promote our business. We spent everything we had left to be there. Even after our phones got stolen, I lost my wedding rings and our car broke down one night in a scary and dangerous area in Johannesburg, we still showed up for our dream. We kept pushing forward and, on the drive back, with no money let and all our hopes and prays hanging in the air, the first sales call came in. And then another and another. Those 7 calls changed our entire lives and today, we have a millionaire dollar business because we would not take no for an answer.

My Multiply to Millions system is what we used to build this empire and I would love to help you do the same.