Let’s talk branding

For the past couple of days in my private Facebook group, we have discussed and shared tips and ideas on how to grow your brand.

I wanted to make sure you are fully onboard with all the awesome ideas we have share.

It is my passion to help female boss babes around the world grow and scale their businesses and I want to share all my knowledge and skills with you to help you reach your goals.

Here are some of the amazing tips I shared last week…

Day 1– Branding yourself means you need to be visible to your followers & I suggest that you need to be on at least 3 social platforms & connect with your customers. This makes it easier for your customers to find you!

Day 2 – Profile picture on all social platforms must be the same & you should have and share your bio, that’s a short story of who you are. This makes your brand look more cohesive & consistent.

Day 3 – WHO are your clients, WHERE are your clients and in what Facebook groups can you go and find them?

Day 4– Share who you are through Facebook & Instagram stories EVERYDAY. Try and write down 5 interesting facts you can share with your followers about YOU.

Day 5– Positivity is such a powerful weapon to have. By having a positive attitude & a great mindset you will be able to do so much more for your business.

So, surround yourself with positive people and listen to encouraging podcasts or music. Also, take care of yourself, you are special…

Day 6 – I would encourage you to have an email structure, signature & sales funnels. You can even design ready to go templates. So, whenever you have a new sales funnel you can just edit your templates. It’s real quick & you save so much time. Here are some examples of email signatures.

Day 7– Goal setting & planning. Set your goals for the week, know your numbers so that you know what you need to work towards.

Day 8 – Some businesses do very well on Pinterest, so hop on over and search in the top bar for your niche. Look at what comes up and see if you could possibly add Pinterest to your social media platform list.  I use it, to grow a small following, as I believe some people are only on certain platforms. You might even learn a lot from your competitors.

I believe in creating momentum in your life and business and you have to take action in order to see these changes take place.

Growth does not happen over night and yes, you have to work hard to keep your content interesting, up to date and actionable to help others make change happen in their businesses and lives.

We each have a unique story to tell, so start by sharing yours.

PS…if we are not hanging out on Instagram yet, hop on over, I would love to say hallo!

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