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What!? I have a magazine.

Some people are really surprised when they find out that I have an online magazine. And they usually ask how?

“You are already so busy!”

One thing I believe my plate is never full enough. I’m just kidding, obviously, you shouldn’t burn yourself out. But I also believe when you love what you do, you can do so much more, handle that so-called full plate, and not burn out but rather flourish!

This exactly what I said when I told my family that I am going to start an online magazine. It is not that it has always been a dream of mine to own a magazine, but what I accomplish through it is my mission and passion in life.

Helping female entrepreneurs.

I think when people have a dream they usually try and achieve it the way other people achieve that dream, but I love new challenges and thinking outside the box. So, when I was looking for more ways to help female entrepreneurs, I came upon the idea of having my own magazine.

I am so proud that I can share my dream of featuring successful female entrepreneurs on the front cover and on the inside of my female entrepreneur magazine called, MY STORY and also that I can share it with you!

I wanted to create a platform for honesty among women. I wanted a place where a story could be shared of how someone got to where they are and to share what they have learned, maybe helping another female entrepreneur in the process. Working with a lot of ladies I realised that we are so quick to compare ourselves to one another and feeling that we are not as good as the women next to us. It is almost like women think other women don’t experience the same problems.

And that’s just not true. We all have struggles. And I wanted to make an honest space for that. I really do believe each businesswoman has a valuable story to share from where thousands of women from across the world can learn from. Also, in the process we are advertising a female entrepreneur, and giving her exposure so people might know about her and connect with her.

Not only do I get to help these awesome ladies but it’s an honour to share these amazing stories with the world, told by fabulous women and also learning about their ups & downs.

Can I tell you something really exciting though, My Story magazine is being read in over 35 countries in the world. Can you believe it! I know I’m bragging a little bit, but it is a dream come true to give female entrepreneurs this type of exposure. My next goal is definitely 50 countries 😉

So, when people ask me why I have a magazine when my plate is already full….

It’s because it makes a difference. Because female entrepreneurs are my passion.


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