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Why Business Coaching?

I get asked quite often why I do business coaching.

Questions like – Isn’t it frustrating? Won’t you rather use your time to work on your own businesses? Is it really word putting so much time into someone?

So, I decided to share my thoughts on this with you. I want to share why I love this part of my job and why it is such a big passion project for me.

I love people! If there are any introverts out there that want to meet an extreme people person, here I am! I love to see what makes a person tick, what their dreams and aspirations are. I truly believe everybody is made unique and that is super special. We should all embrace our uniqueness!

I mean, no one can build your business the way YOU can! That is super important. Having a brand is great but your clients will always want to know the you behind that awesome logo! And so do I, loving people makes it all the more important to me to showcase who you are to your clients.

And you know what… YOU ARE FABULOUS!

Secondly, I have a mind for business. If you ask my husband how many business ideas I have before breakfast, he would just say 7 too many. I love creating ideas, implementing them, and see the business come alive. I have been in the business sector for over 13 years now and I have experience in over 5 different industries, and it excites me to be able to share my knowledge with others!

I love how it all starts with someone’s dream, but experience taught me that a business plan, documentation, and all the nitty-gritty stuff is just as important as that dream. But guess what, I don’t mind those to me it is part of an awesome business recipe.

A big part of business coaching is being an accountability partner. If you have ever signed for a course of mine or even just took on a 30-day challenge with me, you would know accountability is my number one focus! I want to be present for my clients. I want to be there to help them but also make sure they take that big leap.

A lot of times your business isn’t growing because you just need to take that one chance, and I know it’s super scary, but that’s why I am here. To take that chance with you and make sure you don’t miss a great opportunity.

And last but not least; I love to see people succeed. I think it’s more than that, it’s my mission in life! I want to see other people tap into their potential and use all of it to give themselves the best life possible!

Think of it this way, career satisfaction is super important, right? Well in the coaching career, satisfaction is derived from helping others succeed. Professional coaches know they’re not going to be the ones in the limelight, and they’re fine with that. It’s fulfilling to watch others grow and develop with your support and as a business coach. I mean, I am working with the future leaders of the business world, how cool is that?!

I can name a thousand reasons more about why I do business coaching and why I love it. But this pretty much sums it up.

So, if you are interested in some help or feel you are lacking accountability or know-how. Let’s connect. Head over to my website and go to “work with me” and let’s start your awesome dream together!

All my love,


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