Hi there, you.

Has anybody told you how beautiful you are? Have you received a compliment recently?

Well, then I feel it is my duty and PLEASURE, to tell you just how beautiful and special you are!

I honestly believe you are meant for greatness and that God has an incredibly unique purpose for your life. God does not make junk! 

Read that again; GOD DOES NOT MAKE JUNK!

You need to know this, He made you in such a special way, but we do not always see it.

A lot of times we think the worst of ourselves, but we ALWAYS see how perfect everybody else are.

Have you ever taught of what people might think of you? How they see you?

NO STOP IT! I bet your mind went to a bunch of negative stuff that you think people see.

In fact, we never really see ourselves in the way others do, we never see the good they see.

A lot of times when I go live in my Facebook group I encourage female entrepreneurs to put themselves out there, have a photoshoot, dress up sexy. And the comments are flooded with replies of “being scared” and awesome Boss babes who are afraid to take pictures and hate the camera.

Well, I am here to tell you that YOU are BEAUTIFUL. You are perfect in every way and your story is worth sharing.

I know social media is intimidating, and everybody’s lives looks perfect and may think yours suck. But are you going to post a picture when you cry, no? So, why would they? Everybody has bad days, but you just don’t see them on their feed

I do not care where you are now in your life, all the good or bad that has happened, or how many times you maybe have given up on your dreams. YOU are BEAUTIFUL. YOU are SMART, KIND and SPECIAL.

Every day is yours to conquer. Stop worrying about what people think of you. This is not their life, this is yours, and you deserve the best. So, go after it. Stop waiting for “that moment”. “The moment you feel good enough”, “The moment you are skinny enough.”, The moment you feel pretty enough,”.


Remember this, because not every day is easy. Some days are harder than others and some days are just bad. But let this be a reminder that you are beautiful just the way you are. With your freckles, your wrinkles around your eyes. Your extra pounds around the hips, your starting-to-droop-a-bit boobs, your stretch marks, your scars and so much more. THIS makes YOU who YOU are!

Do NOT wish this away, do NOT speak ill of yourself. 

Speak love into yourself and remember, you are here for a reason, your body is just the vessel.

Keep loving yourself more each day.

And if you feel like you are struggling please come read this message again, and again, and don’t stop until you believe the greatness inside of you!

I believe it, so should you.

Have an Awesome day!

Lots of love,

Nicolene Elhadad.

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