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I’m Nicolene Elhadad. I am a wife, a mother of 3 and an owner of multiple successful Brick n Mortar businesses. I love the creativity of entrepreneurship but more than that, it is my passion to help other Brick n Mortar business owners get their businesses online. 

Here I want to share all my tips, business ideas and life lessons to help other business owners scale their businesses, create multiple income streams while living their best life.

my story

My husband and I met in 2004 while working for Celebrity Cruises and we have been together ever since. After several years of working at sea, we got engaged in the most romantic setting in New York City, after which we finished our last working contract and moved back to South Africa to get married.

Literally three days after coming back from our 3rd wedding (yes we said “I do” three times) we started to work on our business. From mom’s garage to owning and running several successful businesses with branches across South Africa. This journey so far has taught us more life lessons than we ever thought possible.

I have a passion to share how it is to work while being married to a foreigner, having money issues, taking risks, the big and the small fights, taking chances, believing in each other, hassling long nightly hours, buying your first property, getting into property investment, starting a family, what is it like to have twins, growing your businesses, traveling the world all while figuring out future plans.

This is my story in a nutshell, but I would love to hear and help you to create yours.

Nicolene Elhadad.

my story magazine

I am so proud to share my dream of featuring successful female entrepreneurs on the front cover of my female entrepreneur magazine called, MY STORY. I believe each business woman has a valuable story to share from where thousands of women from across the world can learn from. Starting, running and managing your own successful business, with all it’s ups and down’s, is the unicorn of all stories.

It is my honor to share these amazing stories with the world, told by fabulous women building a bigger and brighter future.

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